About us

   The Multi-Institutional Medical Imaging Education (MIMIE) initiative is a nonprofit medical imaging education organization based on a collaboration among professional radiologists across China and the United States. The mission of MIMIE is to help China’s medical students, radiology residents, and attending physicians expand their medical imaging knowledge and improve their clinical skills.

   Founded by Dr. Weiping Wang, a staff interventional radiologist at Mayo Clinic, the MIMIE program was initiated on July 1, 2014. Today, hundreds of medical imaging professionals from China and America deliver regular MIMIE lectures through a live webinar platform. Lecture attendees include medical school students, radiology residents, graduate students, and young attending physicians from more than 50 medical institutes across China。

   Our faculty consists of American-Chinese radiologists practicing across the United States, and staff physicians from the Mayo ClinicCleveland Clinic, and other academic medical institutes. Lecturers also include senior radiologists from major Chinese medical institutes ( West China Hospital Sichuan University,Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, Tangdu Hospital of Fourth Military University2nd Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of MedicineSir Run Run Shaw Hospitals of Zhejiang University School of MedicineZhongda Hospital of Southeast University2nd Hospital of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University1st  Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Wuhan Union Hospital of Tongji Medical collegeNanfang Medical University1st Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University1st Hospital of Chinese Medical UniversityHospital of Guiyang Medical University1st Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical UniversityChinese-Japanese Friendship Hospital,  Nanjing General hospital of Nanjing Military Command2nd Artillery General Hospital of Chinese's Liberation Army, and Lishui Center Hospital.)  In just a year since its founding, the MIMIE initiative has delivered more than 200 interactive online lectures, with more than 1000 members attending on a regular basis and an average of 400 attendees per lecture.

   To qualify as a practicing physician, a medical school graduate must undergo rigorous residency training. Moreover, because of the evolving nature and rapid development of medicine, practitioners must continuously educate themselves to meet current standards. Our web-based MIMIE platform has successfully brought together hundreds of medical professionals from across the globe for the purpose of advancing medical education. We believe that this revolutionary model of medical training can help to accelerate the development of internationally standardized medical training in China and may also serve as an example of the future of medical education.

   The MIMIE program provides high-quality online education for physicians throughout the three phases of their career development — medical school, residency, and independent practice. Currently, we deliver interactive web lectures once a day, five times a week. The lectures are also recorded for students unable to attend or for review purposes. To help students master professional medical English, Monday lectures are delivered in English by faculty members from the United States, whereas lectures from Tuesdays to Fridays are delivered in Chinese but presented with English slides.

   In addition to these online classes, the MIMIE initiative has undertaken other endeavors, such as the translation of the American radiology textbook Core Radiology. This translation will be published in the first half of 2016 as the very first English-Chinese bilingual medical imaging textbook. In the near future, the MIMIE program will also provide its own English-Chinese bilingual case review database on the website. This database will be a precious resource for students as they prepare for standardized exams and for clinical practice simulations. To ensure the quality of our training, information about students' attendance, basic knowledge, and clinical rotation performance will all be incorporated into the evaluation system. The students’ associated institutes will receive timely feedback from MIMIE as well.

   As a pioneer in the field of innovative, high-standard medical education, MIMIE serves not only as an online class for education, but also a platform of professional training and a medical resource for current practitioners to assist their continuing education efforts. We extend our welcome to colleagues from all over the world. Let us join hands and march toward a brighter future of medicine.